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We are official dealer for MÁSMÓVIL


Why choose MÁSMÓVIL 

Jalón shopMÁSMÓVIL best operator 2014

In our shop in Jalón you are welcome to choose the MÁSMÓVIL SIM-card with the bundle you want.


Number portability

You can get a new mobile phone number or transfer your current Spanish mobile number you already have to MÁSMÓVIL.


Which package/bundle do I need?

The first decision is: "monthly payment" or "prepaid".


Prepaid Mix

If you are using the SIM just temporarily then a prepaid SIM is the way to go: just put credit on the SIM and start using it. You can buy ‘bundles’ with an amount of minutes and/or MBs for internet; or just go for ‘pay per usage’ when you use your SIM very little:



Plan Zero

For permanent users a fixed monthly fee for a combined calls/internet package will be the most economical. You pay per bank (direct debit) or credit card (automatic Top-Up):

PLAN ZERO bundle

... and many, many more combinations are possible. Contact us or visit us in our Jalón shop for more information.


Big plus

A BIG PLUS at MásMóvil is the possibility to change your package any day you like: it’s just 1 call to the helpdesk. So you make a first choice which is closest to your needs and during the use you decide if you continue or make a change.

On your MásMóvil’s ‘Personal Area’ you can keep an eye on your usage and see if you have a reason to make any changes.


How much MB’s will I need for my internet usage?

Good question…. though only YOU will know! Like you know how much gasoline you need if you stop at the gas station!

However, we notice that our devices (smart phones, tablets) use the internet in the background without us knowing! Many people run out of their internet bundles very quickly to their unwelcome surprise. And if you did not set a STOP on further usage then payment per MB.

A very simple solution will be that you switch your mobile data off so it does not do anything if you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi point. But most probably you don’t want to miss your WhatsApp’s, eMail’s etc. So inform yourself well to use your precious MB’s in an economical way. We are glad to help you in our shop in Jalón or at your place.



We sell a wide variety of basic mobile phones and smartphones.

Check out our offers on our online shop.


Other services in our Jalón shop

  • Help setting up your smartphone for MÁSMÓVIL
  • Help setting up your dongle, 3G tablet or mobile 3G router


Important note

For signing up with MÁSMÓVIL you need to bring a copy of your passport and NIE.
If you are going to pay by bank, an "extracto" (extract) not older than 3 months will also be required.


More information and advice

Contact us or visit us in our Jalón shop for more information.


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